About Us

Our drone and AI technologies allow us to offer innovative solutions aimed at increasing efficiency, improving safety and reducing costs. As a team of passionate professionals, we have over 60 years of experience in the UAS domain.

Over the years, we have performed countless drone operations both day and night in a variety of industries. We are leaders in setting safety standards for drone operations.

We use DAAS to offer companies inspection solutions at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of other systems, while allowing inspectors to stay on their feet.

Drone solutions

Drone Based Services

Drone Confined Space Inspections

We provide measurable insights using ELIOS 2. With dust-proof lighting for internal spaces and assets, we provide 3D modelling services.

Drone Industrial Inspections

We perform visual and thermal on-stream inspections. For this, you don’t require scaffolding, rope access, or cranes.

Thickness Measurement at Heights

Ensure assets are hot while thickness measurements are being taken at heights, from almost any angle.

Drone Surveillance

We offer drone-based surveillance solutions that are ideal for monitoring infrastructure & ROW 24/7. A drone feed is received directly in the control room.

Drone Bathymetric Survey

Drone bathymetric surveys are faster and more cost-effective than ships, boats, or unmanned surface vehicles.

Drone GPR

Integrated GPR+drone system enables perceptual exploration through the ground and ice, rocks, and freshwater at unfavorable and hazardous environments.

Drone Based Solutions